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Evedom® Mission

The company's mission is to offering collaborative services for art and surface design to manufacturers in the household goods, stationery, book publishing and fashion industries.



Licensing Evedom®

The great advantages of licensing Evedom® imagery are speedy delivery and cost savings. Keeping to the style takes less time and lets us focus on telling the story -- purposeful communication with graphic symbols.

You receive exclusive reproduction rights for the compositions that are made for you. In some cases you may also want to license the trademark, and that is an open option. Evedom® will not offer your discrete compositions to other clients; however, other clients will show work in the Evedom® style.

The disadvantage is that you do not own the work: you may not alter it or extract elements from it, and you may not put it to uses that are not expressly stated in our contract. You may not sub-license your rights to other agents without express written permission (contract) from Mary Kay Colling.

Evedom® Policies

The point of licensing imagery is to have it enjoyed by the widest audience possible and make money in the process. Whatever you want to do with Evedom® imagery, we will work with you to develop the contractual means for making it happen.

Evedom® Skills





Evedom® History

Evedom® Publishing & Licensing (a division of Mary Kay Colling Communication Services, in Rochester, NY) and the registered trademark Evedom® were established in April, 2000, to manage distribution and reproduction rights for MK Colling giclée prints, line-art and books.

Imagery in the Evedom® collection is from line-art for a body of original paintings that tell visual stories about the feminine experience in our own and past societies. The collection of line-art expands each time an image is altered or a new drawing is made for an Evedom® composition.

The Evedom® Goddess Series, and the collection re-usable line-art started with her:

More paintings are on the art archive site.

Artist & Style

The quirky Evedom® style is the hi-tech iteration of the cartoon style Mary Kay Colling has been developing since she was a kid with subversive opinions she was too wise to voice.

She gave up pen and ink forever the minute she met Illustrator and saw that it was made just for her (style of drawing). It was then that she found out her mother always knew exactly what her meant.

The glory of Illustrator vector drawings is that they're reusable as they are. And they can be chopped up and recombined for brand new images. Her printmaker heart beats faster at the thought of it.





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