Digital Doodling

A Creative Problem-Solving Approach

All MK Colling art starts this way - with purposeful digital doodling, to get thoughts in order for problem solving. Current management lit refers to the process as design thinking.

Evedom® is an extensive collection of digital line-art that has been growing for years. Every new digital drawing and every innovation on old drawings goes into the Evedom® archive. Evedom® isn't art in the strict sense; rather, it's graphic communication. A picture is worth thousands of words.

The first step is to pull a random selection of images from the Evedom® archive into Photoshop layers and fiddle with them from the perspective of the problem I have to solve. Very scientific.

For this demo, the problem was to find an idea for a story. Cooking shows were playing in the background. I was jotting down ingredients and thinking about grocery shopping at the same time as drawing. The result: a picture of lady riding her tiger to Wegmans.

That's how it works. Had this been a real client project, we would discuss the first draft to establish what discrete details the piece needs to make the story specific.

PROBLEM description

Create a demo of how Evedom® art works.




25 July 2016


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