A Class in body language does Not a Mind-Reader Make

Fun to talk about, but the current trend for the man-in-the-street to think he's equipped to do pychoanalysis by check-list is dangerous. Ignorant beliefs cause trouble.

With respect to instilling children with prodouctive good manners, teaching the ways their own body language can affect other people's perceptions of them can be really helpful.

The troubling paradox, of course, is that using the same principles to assess other people's intentions is unfair and potentially dangerous.

Little Red Riding Hood is the obvious metaphorical context for the story.

What if it's the dog who's having problems making friends? He learned how to got the result he wanted. (It has to be a dog; nobody would care about the wolf's relationship problems.)

Problem description

Create Body Language posters, rich in metaphor, for a textured discussion about teaching kids good manners.




25 July 2016


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